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Latest Muay Thai / Thai Boxing Rankings

Select the stadium or Organisation and go to the most up to date rankings available.

We try to update the rankings every month but some organisations may not publish there most up to date rankings in English at the same time as they are published in Thai... we may take a short while to translate these updates.  If a title changes hands during the month the rankings page wont be updated but we will endeavor to inform you via our News Page.

Rankings Rankings Rankings Rankings
​เวทีมวยอ้อมน้อย จ.สมุทรสาคร
Thai TV Channel 3 use this stadium for its Saturday afternoon events. Rankings are from 100-154lbs. Omnoi champions are among the country's best fighters but not quite considered the elite of the 2 main
​stadiums.​Petchkasem road, Omnoi district Samut Sakon
The international federation that is recognized by The Thai Government. 


World Muay Thai Council Ranking

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Thai Boxing - Muay Thai
Thai Boxing - Muay Thai
Thai Boxing - Muay Thai

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WBC Ranking


WBC Muay Thai
The WBC moved into Muay Thai in the mid 90's and has established itself as an organisation that compiles authoritative rankings and credible Champions.






WPMF Ranking


The World Professional Muay Thai Federation is a long established and recognized World Title that is keenly contended for, usually in the Bangkok Stadiums.






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